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Evgenia Koptyug
school 130, 10 Grade

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· Evgenia Koptyug, grade 10
School 130, Novosibirsk, Russia.
School Facilities.

Our school has all the facilities which are needed to help students study in an interesting and convenient way.
First of all, we have very good classrooms. They are well-lit and well-heated in Winter, which is important, since Winter in Siberia is very cold. The teachers and staff keep them clean, decorate them, like with posters(for English class). Most of them are big enough, only the ones where we study English are smaller, because we study in groups.
Our textbooks are published in England, so that enables us to aquire a higher level of knowledge. Listening to audio cassettes, hearing native speakers is also good for expanding your knowledge and for your pronunciation. Sometimes we get to watch English or American movies. This is not only interesting, but useful, since we get to find out about the culture, ways of living of English-speaking countries. We find out lots of new words and phrases too.
We have a great library. Not only is it a good place to study, meet, discuss various language and other issues, but it is also an endless source of new discoveries. There are many, many books on different subjects, lots of literature, and the librarians are very helpful and pleasant. I think that I go to our library almost every day!
A very important part of our learning is the Internet class. It helps us keep up to date with events in the world. We can find lots of interesting stuff on the internet too, like if we need to do a report or presentation, or just find something unusual. There are at least three courses in computer and web design at our school.
And there are some other places where we can meet, talk, etc., like the hall, the cafeteria.