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school 130, grade 10, Novosibirsk


Our Planet.

Our native planet is Earth. It is very fragile, but people didn't think about it for a long time. They extracted rock stocks, different kinds of fuel, mineral soils, sedimentary stocks, bet they didn't think about their future and future of their children.

Scientists say that our planet is blue, but I don't think so. Maybe it was blue some tine ago and what we see now is almost gray. Only in some places the air is fresh, the water is pure, plants grow and give large harvests, animals walk without fear to be killed. But even these places will be pleasant memories soon.

People pour waste into the water, test nuclear weapons in the oceans, damage forests and habitats of animals, pollute the air etc. They know that it can bring us to death and I can't imagine why they are continuing to do it.

Some years ago it was very pleasant and safe to run in the rain, but now the gases from the industries made the rain dangerous. Even in a prosperous country - America - acid rains damaged the face of a Statue of Liberty.

More and more people are told not to stay in direct sunlight because ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. And the reason of it is the countless amount of ozone holes in the atmosphere.

All these factors have bad influence on people's life. And I want to stop it! I want my children to see our planet in blue colors, to enjoy the sun and water and not to think about the ecological disasters.

Whatever profession I would choose I would try to save Mother Nature.

Olesya, 15.