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Elena Ionina
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family


Ancenstors of my father were prosperous peasants and lived in big houses and had livestock. My grandfather (father of my father) was a teacher of the military college. My grandmother (mother of my father) was a good surgeon. My father, his name is Vladimir, was born in Novosibirsk.He is hard-working, because he likes to do a lot of work. His sister, her name is Tatiana, and my father are twins, but she died.
Ancenstors of my mother were also prosperous peasants and they had much land where they grew up some vegetables. My grandfather (father of my mother) was a builder. He was generous. My grandmother (mother of my mother) was a housewife. She was a rather strict woman. They lived in the town Camen-na-Obi, where my mother was born, her name is Katerina. My father is a military man, so we often moved. When my father met my mother, she had a child. It was my elder sister. She was 8. They moved to Moscow, where my father served. My brother was born there. His name is Alex. Now he is 18. Then we moved to the coast of Black Sea in Feodosia, where I was born. My older sister married and now she has a son, his name is Alex. He is 4. Alex is naughty boy. Then we moved to Novosibirsk, where we have many relatives, but my sister and her family live in Feodosia.