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Sergey Kiselev
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family

Let us introduse ourselves. Our full names are Kiseljva Egenia Victorovna and Kiseljev Sergey Victorovich, but our friends call us by our first names. We are twins. We were born on july, 22, 1986. We are not the only children in the family. We have the elder brother, Peter. He is 25 already. He is a manager. Now we are pupils of the tenth form of a secondary shcool. It offers a general course of academic subjects, providing general education. We hope we will manage to pass our school-leaving exams and entrance exams at the academies with good and exellent marks. Our brother and our parents help us, if we have troubles. My father is relaible,hard-working man,he is 52, my mother is 48.I always get on with my family. Our family is freindly and we are proud our family

I want to tell you about my grandfather and grandmother.Our grandmother-Maria was born in 1916 in Biisk. When our grandmother was 12 her father was shot. Nobody knows why? It was the time of Stalin's repressions. All their friends refused from our grandmother and her family and called them "enemys of nation".They had to leave their native town and went to Far East. And nowadays our granny lives there.
Our grandfather, Dmitriy was born in 1909 in Omsk. When he was a child, his parents left Omsk to Vladivostok. He took part at Great Patriotic War, grandfather returned to Vladivostok, where he met our grandmother. They married. We live in Novosibirsk not for the fact, that our relatives are from Siberia. We live in Novosibirsk because of our father. He is a military man and in 1992 we arrived here because of his service in Novosibirsk.