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Roman Cherbatih
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family

My family. My family is not big. There are Dad, Mum, grandmother, brother and me. My grandmother is the mother of my mother.She is very old, she is 84 years old. She lives with us temporary. When my grandmother was young she lived on the Far East near Vladivostok. Her father had a big farm with cows, pigs and other domestic animals. My grandmother had numerous sisters and brothers, but now she has got one brother, who lives in Ufa. By 1929, Stalin had begun to implement his new socialist policy for the collectivization of agriculture. It was demanded to list the names of the rich peasants. Their property was confiscated and the kulaks were either killed on the spot as "class enemies" or exiled. My grandmother was exiled with mother and sister to Siberia, where she had married. Now she thinks that her real home is Novosibirsk. My grandmother is very wise and kind. She likes to read and write letters. I like to hear her stories about her life. My father was born in Novosibirsk as my mother. He is 39 year old, he likes to swim and is fond of sport. My mother is 38 years old. She likes cooking and usually helps my brother to do homework. My brother is 13 years old. He goes to school were I study. He likes boxing and cooking. I've got an uncle, an aunt and four cousins. We all get together for holidays, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. We love each other dearly and always try to help each other.