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Ivan Kravsov
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family

My father's parents were born and have lived in Siberia for all their life.My grandfather took part in World War 2.It was a great shock for him, that's why he didn't live for a long time and I've never seen him, but my grandmother told me a lot of good things about my grandfather, and after that I realised that my grandpa was great person.His name was Ivan and I think that's why my parents gave me the same name.
My parents told me that my grandfather was a great man, but I have already known that from my grandma, she told me that he was a very hard-working, generous and loyal man, that's why he could bring up my father well,as he was a hard-working man he even died on his way home from work. According to my grandmothers stories, I realised that my grandfather was a real hero, he was a good soldier and got a lot of medals. My grandmother gave me that medals and told that I should give them to my children in future.And I think I will give this medals to my children and I will tell them to give this medals to their children.