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Michael Yadrenkin
school 4, class 10 V

The history of my family

The history of my family.

I know the history of my family from XIX century.
There were many brothers in Yadrenkin family. One of them was called Peter. Their parents went from Simbirsk to Tomsk at the beginnig of the XIX century. Peter Yadrenkin and his wife Dominika had their own workshop were they made left boots. They had six children: five sons and one daughter. One of his sons Michael married Klavdia Olovyanishnikova.
Klavdia was a dressmaker, and her brothers were Tomsk's fishermen. Michael and Klavdia had a son and a daughter, who died, when she was wery young. And the son Vitaly is alive now, he is my grandfather - the example for me.
He was born in 1933. He is a geologist and he has visited almost all parts of the former Soviet Union.
Now he is the assistant of general director for the stuff in Sibirian Geological Institute. It is very responsible job. And I'm sure that he is very hard-working and self confident.
In the family he likes differents triks and talks with other members of our family. He is a generous and loyal husband, a thoughtful father and loving grandfather. All housework he does himself, and all he makes is very beautiful, exact and correct.
Of course, I love my grandfather very much!

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