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Andrei and others
school 130, 6A, 6G

Winter Tales

About Father Frost and Snow Maiden.
Andrei Kramarenko:
Russian people call Father Frost "Ded Moroz". He is a real man who lives in Veliky Ustug. Snow Maiden is his granddaughter. We celebrate New Year on December, 31. When the clock chimes at midnight, the New Year comes. One of the Russian tales says that when we go to bed on that night, Father Frost gives us presents. But if we did something wrong, Father Frost would give no presents.
Father Frost is an old man, with white beard and mustache, and a red nose. His clothes are red. Snow Maiden is his granddaughter. They bring us presents and put them under the fir tree. Children like them and believe in them.
Olga Ildutova:
Father Frost is very old, he has a red nose and a long beard. As he is very old he needs "posoh", a stick that helps him walk. Father Frost is very kind and loves children very much. Snow Maiden is very nice and young, she loves children too. They live in the Far North. All year long they prepare presents for children. And on New Year's night they come to children who did good things during the year and who believe in miracles. But if you don't believe, you will never see Father Frost and Snow Maiden!
Pavel Melnikov:
Father Frost is a fairy man who brings us presents on the New Year. You call him Santa Claus, we call him Ded Moroz. In a fairy tale, an old man and his wife made Snow Maiden from snow. Fairy tales say that Father Frost and Snow Maiden live in a house in the middle of a forest, but nowadays people say they live in a town called Veliky Ustug.
Ptitsyna & Ganieva:
Twelve Months Tale.
Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Mary. She lived with her stepmother and stepsister. They didn't love Mary and made her work in the house and in the garden all the time. Once. at Christmas time, stepmother told Mary to go to the forest and to bring home a Christmas tree. It was so cold, but Mary couldn't come home without a tree. In the forest she met a man, a royal soldier, they helped each other. He took a tree to his queen, who was also an orphan, like Mary. Next day Mary heard that the queen wanted to have a bunch of snow drops, for which she promised to give a basket of gold! Mary's stepmother sent her to the forest again, telling her to bring home a bunch of snow drops. Mary met twelve men sitting around a fire, they were Twelve Months. She told them what she needed.
"Of course, we'll help you! -they said. - We know you, you are a very good girl and you work all the time!" So they gave her a basket of snow drops for which she received a bsaket of gold from the queen.
Stepan, Andrei, and others, class 6 "A":
Once upon a time there lived Father Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. They lived in a beautiful house in the center of the forest. One morning Father Frost asked Snow Maiden why she was so sad. She told him that she wanted to be a real girl and to have friends. She said: "It is so sad to be alone in the forest." Her grandfather thought for a long time and agreed with her. She went to a village, played with other boys and girls. But Father Frost told her she must stay away from fire. But once her friends began a game in which they jumped over the fire. Snow Maiden forgot the words of Father Frost and jumped too. And: she melted! Everybody was sad. But every winter, she comes back.