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Elena and others
Almaty, 10 grade

School Uniforms

Our opinions about school forms.

I study in the college. Our college has students of all kinds: medical nurses, economists, computer specialists etc.
There is a strict discipline in our college and our appearance must be corresponded to the business style. I think that uniform is not important, because a student must concentrate his attention on the education. I think, that uniform of the student in future will be comfortable, free style, practical. Our students prefer free style. One of them wear jeans, sweaters, others wear skirts and blouses, strict suits. All clothes are modern and beautiful.

Timoshenko O.

In 19th century in the epoch of monarchy there was created the system of lyceums and colleges for teaching children. There was an equal uniform for everybody. After the revolution and in the Soviets epoch girls wore brown dresses and white or black aprons and boys wore dark blue suits. As in our country there were such youth organizations: pioneers, komsomol each pioneer had red tie, each komsomol has the special emblem on its wrest.
Now we have no standard uniforms. I think that in future in Kazakhstan there will be a new uniform which will combine the national traditions of Kazakh people and the best standards of the worlds fashion.

Eleusizova S.

When I studied at school we wore equal uniforms. But now we live in the 21st century and our uniform was changed. Now all people and students wear different clothes. I think that uniform must not be beautiful but comfortable. As for me I like sport style. I do not want our uniform to be as it was before.
My opinion is: Man must wear such clothes, that he likes and that is comfortable for him.

Podluzhnaya T.

I think that clothes in our country are not worse, than in other countries. If you do not believe me, you can see it in our markets and shops. There are so many beautiful and different styles clothes there. I like to watch young people and their children dressed so different and modern. But it is not assessable for everybody, because everything costs money.
My opinion about uniforms in school is that pupils and students may dress as they like but at the same time they have to think where they are present.

Makasheva A.

Elena, Kazakhstan.