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school 130, 10 grade, Novosibirsk

My Goals

Today my goals are studying well, getting a Certificate of General Education with excellent marks and getting good State education.
In the future I would like to be an actress and have a great success on the screen. I dream about a lucky life in which I reach this long-term goal. My thought about successful, rich, beautiful and luxurious actor's life aren't light mind. I predict how cinema's stars reach their goals, they lived poor, studied and worked at the same time, didn't have enough facilities for life. But they overcome all to play in films, to be wanted by spectators. And I will be a famous actress and get a lot of money for interesting, amazing films. I prefer to give it to WWF(World Wildlife Fund).
During 20-century technologies increased in many countries, there are many factories, mills, cars are built which pollute our atmosphere, environment, air in towns, rivers, lakes, rare species are dying.
Ozone in the upper atmosphere helps filter out some of the sun's radiation. Several chemicals destroy the ozone. Many of them are still being produced. These chemicals continue to weaken the ozone layer.
The North Sea, The Baltic Sea and The Mediterranean Sea are polluted with chemicals and human sewage. Ocean surfaces are polluted with oil and rubbish. The rain forests, which are the home of he Earth's living things are being destroyed. If nothing be done about it, they will disappear in 20 years.
If more people give more money and if more governments think of what is happening- perhaps the WWF will be able to hold us, to protect the natural world and all of us with it.
Let's hope for the best and live in harmony with nature.