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The Snow

The Snow in 1960

By: Matthew Rector

The groundhog must have seen his shadow because after February 2, 1960 North Carolina had 7 weeks of some of the worst weather you will ever see...
...SNOW! From February 2nd until the end of March, North Carolina had over 100 inches of snow with drifts as high as 30 ft. It all started on February 13th, 1960. On that day North Carolina had 13 inches of snow. Five days later on the 18th they got 8 more inches. Some kids were thrilled, yet most were bored. So in return, everyone got 13 to 18 inches of snow on March the 2nd. They had between 34 and 39 inches of snow. 2 weeks later 3 more inches fell. Some parts of North Carolina had to call in the helicopters to feed livestock and bring food packets. On March 21st, the first day of spring, they got 2-3 inches more totaling to over 40 inches in some places. Then on the 25th of March they got 4 in. The record high was 27 degrees Fahrenheit and the low was 4 degrees Fahrenheit. It snowed every wed. those 7 weeks. Also school was out for 22 days.
The electricity in some places was out for a week or more and so they read by kerosene lamps. Everyone had to take baths in melted snow. The snow was so heavy that when they melted a pot of snow then the pan was almost full. The only heat sources were gas stoves and wood furnaces.
Sometimes my Grandpa still talks about how he was stuck in side for over a month and about all the snowdrifts. He also talks about one milk truck that was stuck in a 27-foot drift for 2 weeks and the milk didn't go bad because it was 4-17 degrees Fahrenheit.
After 7 weeks of snow it all melted, all 50 inches. It melted rather slowly but it did melt. So school started back and the business' all got going, every one was glad to be out again!