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Brittany Miller
Gladekids, USA


Hello! My name is Brittany Miller and I am in the sixth grade. I go to Glade Creek School that sits in the country. I live eight miles from the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is very beautiful up her right now because of fall. This of course means that the leaves' colors are changing. Another reason that I love fall is that my birthday is next month. My school isn't very big compared to some. We have grades preschool though eighth. We have about 250 kids in our school. But still it isn't that big. We play softball, basketball, football, and volleyball. My favorite is volleyball. Sometimes we have days where we have to do some things like on backwards day we may wear our clothes on backwards if we wish. We have hat day were we can wear hats all day and things like that. Then for a week we have the fall festiveal. That's were we sell candy, food, and paint faces and play videos in the hall. Every year we have something that we raise money for the teachers to do. Like one year we had to raise up so much money so one of our male teachers could dress like a woman. We enjoy that week very much. That's pretty much all our school does. Reply soon.

Your friend,
Brittany Miller