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The Long Walk Of Mary Ingles Draper

In Drapers Meadow on a warm sunny day Mary Ingles and John Ingles sat in their cabin thinking about where they used to live in Ireland. Their parents came across the Atlantic Ocean to the new world.
John Ingles kissed his wife and ventured outside and through the woods to his logging spot to cut wood. All of a sudden Mary heard a scream from her niece. Mary waddled outside she could not walk very well because she was pregnant. She just made it in time to see here 6-year-old kid slaughtered by a Shawnee Indian as she stepped outside she was taken captive along with her niece.
Back in the woods John saw the smoke from Ingles cabin he raced back to the cabin to see the Shawnee Indians walk over the fare away hill.
John was furious he immediately formed a search party and search the land. But never found them.
Mary had a hard time on the way to the village. She had a baby half way. Imedently she had to start walking again on the way an Indian fell in love with her. When she got there she was beaten and dragged into a tent. The day after she had to make shirts and blankets and she traded them for food and milk for her baby and herself. Mary's niece died a few days after they entered the village.