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"Ho, ho mates! Full sail ahead to Ocracoke Island. That was maybe what Blackbeard the pirate said to his crew of about 300 men. They were sailing in the Atlantic Ocean on a majestic schooner with the name queen Anne painted in bold gold letters on the side.
Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Drummond, was born in the small town of Bristol, England, around 1680. Growing up in Bristol as a small boy, his nickname was Teach.
One morning Blackbeard was coming back from a plantation that he had just raided in southern Virginia, when out of the fog two British vessels approached. Blackbeard knew hoe to figh, but some people think that he never killed anyone until that day. The British ships charged him with their cannons flaming and Blackbeard's forty -eight cannons were firing right back. They were on the shore of North Carolina near Ocracoke.
The British were too good for him and the Queen Anne went down around the Ocracoke Island. Some say that he went down with fifty wounds, but the most accurate number was twenty-one wounds. I pictured him fighting with two twin muzzleloader pistols in each hand and a Bowie knife clamped in his teeth.
After the British caught and killed him, they cut off his head and sent it to Richmond, Virginia and hung it out in front of the court house until lit decayed and later took it down.