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Jessica Brown
Gladekids, USA

The First Settlers

BY: Jessica Brown
The first settlers in the Appalachian Mountains were Absolom and Agatha Smith.
In 1775, Absolom Smith decided to leave England to come to America to make his way. He was unable to pay his way, so he decided to become an indentured servant for seven years to a rich planter in Virginia. Absolom had planed to work his seven years and set out into the new world. But things didn't work out as he had planned. Before his seven years were up Absolom had fallen deeply in love with the planter's daughter, Agatha. Knowing that Mr. Maynard would never agree to such a marriage the couple decided to elope and take a refuge in the North Carolina Mountains. North Carolina was then said to be the mammoth state extending westward toward the Mississippi.
They decided never to return to Virginia because they feared of being parted. Living in the mountains then was rough then, but they got through it as long as they were by each other's side Absolom hunted small game, such as rabbits and squirrels, while Agatha planted a tomato and potato garden. This is how the first settlers lived in the Appalachian Mountains. Sadly they rest in peace at Roaring Gap cemetery.