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Erin Zeimer
Gladekids, USA

The Brown Mountain

The Brown Mountain Lights

By: Erin Zeimer

"Snap,crackle,pop,sizzzzz!" The fire is blazing tonight," said grandpa as
Ashley, grandpa and I were sitting by the reddish orange fire watching it blaze up from the pile of wood laid in a circle. "Grandpa, grandpa!" yelled Ashley, would you tell us one of your stories please?" "Well I guess I could" "Yepi!"Ashley and I yelled. "You younguns sit down by the fire with me and I'll tell yaw about the Brown Mountain Lights" whispered grandpa.
"The Brown Mountain Lights oh please do!"we yelled. "Well,The Brown Mountain Lights is an old North Carolina folk tale that's been told about since the indians,and has been told in many different ways and has become a legend. Many people have seen several lights swaying around the Brown Mountains for ages and has been unexplained,or in other words "No one knows what causes the lights."As I've heard the legend go is that a long time ago there was this man that owned alot of land and had many slaves to crop it,and help it grow nicely,but unlike most farmers he was kind to his slaves and would never hurt them. One day the master went out to hunt and took one of his lanterns' with him in case it got dark on the Brown Mountains,but it seemed to take forever for him to return.
Soon it was getting dark and the master still did not return,and there were many worried slaves. One of the slaves decided to go looking for him, and took the extra lantern from the dark red shaded barn to see where he was going. A few hours later there was still no master nor a slave. To this day they did not return, and now people think that the lights are the lanterns of the poor lost souls swaying through the mountains looking and serching for that one way home. The only thing though is that there has been more than two lights at once swaying in the mountains which still leaves people wondering. And thats as much as I know."
"Wow,that was awsome grandpa" I said. "Do you suppose that if we whent to The Brown Mountains that we would see the lights?" "I suppose we would would'nt we sense they are called......The Brown Mountain Lights."