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Erin DeBord
Gladekids, USA


Linville Caverns
By: Erin DeBord
In the 1800's during the Civil War, three men found a huge cavern. Hiding from the enemy, they were feeling pretty lucky, while the other soldiers were at war. Feeling that the cavern was safe enough, and could fit a lot of people, one of the soldiers said, "Lets go tell the other soldiers about the cavern, and we could plan a surprise attack on the enemy from here". Both of the soldiers agreed. Letting the plan go to work, the three soldiers rushed to the camp to give word about the cavern. A few hours later, a lot of soldiers came to the cavern. Others stayed at the fort to fight. Only having one lantern for all of the soldiers, they had to keep the lantern on all of the time. Not thinking about bringing more oil for the lantern, in just a few short hours the lantern burned out. Trying to find their way out, many soldiers tripped over sharp rocks, and over each other. Many of the soldiers died of getting hurt, starvation , and being in the dark too long. When Linville Caverns was discovered in the late 1800's by scientists, they found the actual clothing, and the actual lantern in the cavern. Some scientists say that they found human bones in the cavern. Today, scientists are still working on the mystery of Linville Caverns. Were there more soldiers in the cavern before the scientists found all the artifacts? If there was, how did they get out of the cavern? Until scientists find a answer to the mystery, Linville Caverns will be always be a mystery.