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Black Beard

Black Beard
By Gerson

In the year 1716, on the coasts of the Atlantic lived a pirate, named Black Beard. When he saw a merchandise ship, Black beard would usually raise his flag and tell the Captain and the crewmembers to surrender. Then his men would attack the ship and take what they needed. If needed the whole ship would be taken. If the Captain didn't answer Black Beard would raise another flag that was a signal that he had little time left to decide and if he didn't surrender he would be killed and no crewmember would be spared.
One time he blocked Charlestown, South Carolina until the town gave him what he wanted: medicine, guns, and sometimes food.
He also sometimes asked a wealthy family to give him food or
supplies for his crewmembers and if they didn't he would destroy their crops.
He got his name from the thick black beard he had that he would decorate with red ribbons. He would also put burning fuses under his hat and when he turned them on he would look like the devil. Pictures of him show that he wore a belt around his waist where he would carry knives and guns to make him look more dangerous.
He was born in England around 1680. His real name was Edward Teach, but he only did all his pirate work in just two years because he was killed in September 22,1718, by British Navy and his head was cut off and put in the front of the ship to warn other pirates. In those 2 years he hi-jacked 50 ships and was Capitan of about 400 crewmembers.