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My Town

My town.
I live in Stepnogorsk. It is not far from capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. Our town is very small, but clean. I don't like Stepnogorsk, because in our town is not developed, very many plants are not working, it is very difficult to find work. Life is not easy in Stepnogorsk for those who are not rich. From all towns of our region Stepnogorsk is one of the cleanest. I want to leave in Russia, but I think that I'll miss it.

Podluzhnaya T.

My love to my town.

I live in Stepnogorsk town. I like it because it is small and clean. Our authorities are always worried about the ecology of our town. That is why every day people are busy with clearing works. At summer we have beautiful lawns with flowers and green fresh grass. We have some places of the rest. Though our town is industrial center, you can spend your free time here and be pleased with it.

Rudenko D.


I like my town. I live in this town and am very proud of it. It is very beautiful, clean and quiet town. The population here is not very large. Imagine yourself a small island of love, peace and comfort in the steeps of Kazakhstan. It is our town. I think we have everything to be happy here. But unfortunately, there is one problem and it is connected with our economy and finance. We have many factories and plants but people have to sit at home because most of them are stopped. But nevertheless, we hope for better and are happy with what we have today.

Eleusizoiva Saule