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Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone

Boone was born in November 1734. He was born in Pennsylvania close to Reading. He moved in 1750 to North Carolina with his father. His father was a Blacksmith and a farmer. Daniel Boone grew to become a great outdoorsman, but he had very little education. He met many Indians and became good friends with many of them. When he was 12 his father give him a gun, and that is when he became a hunter.

Daniel left his home at the age of 19 to fight in the French and Indian war. That is where he met John Finley. John told hem stories about some of the hunting trips that he had been on but before. Daniel went and done much hunting.

In 1756, he moved to North Carolina where he met and married a girl, her name was Rebecca. There he became a farmer to help feed his family. On May 1769, Boone and Finley and 4 other men went out hunting. They hunted for buffalo, deer, and wild turkey. He never got back home until 2 years later and then he moved to Kentucky.

There in 1774, he built a cabin. Later that year, Colonel Richard Anderson hired Boone to be an agent and in March 1775, he and several other men started out for Boonesborough, Kentucky. There they built their homes and settled. Boone called this settlement the "Great Meadow."

Boone moved again to West Virginia there he worked as a surveyor. He lived there for some time, but eventually lost his land because he couldn't get a clear title to it. In 1800, he became a magistrate in Missouri, and he was given a large piece of land for his services as magistrate.

Finally, 10 years later, he moved again to Missouri. He went on his last hunting trip when he was 83 and he lived in Missouri the rest of his life, although, he visited Kentucky twice before he died. He was buried in Frankfort cemetery on a high mountain above Boonesborough, in Kentucky.

A quote that Daniel Boone is famous for that I found humors is "I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks."