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Gladekids, USA


Hello my name is Matthew Evans in 1960 we had a big snow it snowed every Wednesday two feet for six weeks of snow. Wow! The students had to go to school every Saturday until the end of the school year. That huge snow started in February and it lasted until March and April. The big snow did not even melt for two months. In 1960 they had ten feet drifts I bet it was a deserter after 10 feet drift. The people would have to drive on the drifts. They could not even find the road. If you hit a soft spot you would go down ten feet! And you might die! The Sparta Theater was closed for ten weeks I hope nobody won't to watch a movie. Amazing the snowdrifts were so high they could not see out of a two-story window. Nobody could go sled riding because of the snow was so high but they made about eight igloos a day. Back in 1960 the rubber boots were only ankles high. People put on big pairs of socks so they would not get cold. After all the snow melted it was about one feet of mud so the students got out of school again but the grass was really green. That was the biggest snow that I have ever heard of or, seen and, the biggest snow that we ever had.