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Paliko Goderdzishvili


In Georgia there is a small town of Mtskheta, which in ancient
times was the capital of Georgia and is called the second
Jerusalem. There are 48 Christian monuments in Mtskheta,
Jvari church is one of the most important and oldest among
them. It was built in the 6th century. The temple is called Jvari
(in English it means "Cross") because seen from above it looks
like a cross. The churches proportion to the mount it is erected
on is the same as that of man's head to its body. It is the basic
principal of so called "Gold Carving" the artistic style formed in
Italy centuries later only in the period of the renaissance. This
masterpiece of the Georgian architecture proudly overlooks
Mtskheta, which is locale at the confluence of the rivers
Mtkvari and Aragvi .
The town is also famous for many other historic monuments.
Among them are: Samtavro Nunnery; Bebris Tsikhe, and
well-known all over Georgia Svetisckhoveli-cathedral built on
the robe of Christ.
We are all proud of Mtskheta.
Paliko Goderdzishvili