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Aleskerovaw Insa
School 41, Baku


City Baku
School 41
Form 7v
Aleskerovaw Insa

Azerbaijan- country of monument.

History of Azerbaijan with his roots goes to the debt of history.
There are many monuments of architecture in the territory of
our country . The very ancient monument is "Azih cave",
"Qobustan " One of beautiful monuments is
"Shirvanshah's palace", Igiz Galasi" (Maiden Tower).
Height of Giz Galasi is 27 meters, and walls of this
construction are very strong. There are stairs which lead
to upper square.
The very big meaning of Azerbaijan culture have "Gate
and Towers" of old Ganja, "Mouseleum of Momina
khatun" and others.
This monuments tell us about history of our country and
about our forefathers.
We are very proud of our country and its history and
want to learn about other countries. If you have
something interesting please write to me.