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sch130, 8grade

My Sibiria

My favourite place in Novosibirsk is Academical Town,here I live. Novosibirsk is very dirty buiseness city with bad ecology.But Academical Town is a region of Novosibirsk with wounderful nature and gardens.Academical Town is the sincetific center of Sibiria. Here are many schools and universitis. I am styding in school 130 and I think that it is the best school in Novosibirsk.It is a small state school. In October 1997 Soros had visit our school and he present a dozen of computers and free internat for all life. After that in our school we start ging to the internet class and wirte to some schools from different countries and take part of some interesting projects like this and the life in our school became better.Now we have our own site in internet.
After school I like to walk one hour with my friends.If we are walking at spring we just breath a fresh air and talking, if we are walking at winter we play in snowballs and jump into the snow.In Novosibirsk there are also many entertainments and I think that the life is very good here.