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I live in Russia all my life. I love my country very much. And that is why I don't want to live in other country. I live in Siberia, and I do not think it is to difficult to live here, as many people from other countries think. Winter is cold usually, but summer is very hot and rather long.
Russian people spend summer in different ways. Many people spend it in garden. Russian gardens era not alike with gardens in America or Britain. Russian people usually grow plants, flovers, vegetables, berries, fruits there (themselves).Garden needs a lot of work and time. And most of young people don't like to work there, they like better to play the computer or have fun with friends, than to take care with vegetables.
But most of ol people who remember, how they lived a long time ago, work there most of their time.
My family has srden, but we don't use it, because we do not have any time and don't want to. We prefer to buy all these things, sometimes it is cheeper for us. We could sell it a long time ago, but we don't do it , because my granny likes to work there, and uses it all the time.
My other granny and grandpa have garden, too. I don't understand them. It is too difficult for me.
Some Russians spend summer in other countries or cities. They usually go to hot exotic countries. It is usual for people, who live in towns, where summer is rainy or not rather warm. But my city is not in this list. Summer here is very exotic, and winter, too, I think. And I don't want to go anywhere, I like to live here. i think it is better for me , than to visit many places.
I think i'm lucky living in russia and in siberia.