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Kozionov Vasyli
school 130,8m

My cat

I have got a pet.It's my favourite pet and I for me it is not just a pet it is like my little friend. When my parents brought it for the first time I thought that it would be better if they brought me a dog but they sad that dog needs a lot of attention. This cat was very funny and lively with a big black spot on her eye so we called her a pirot.But her name was Liza.Once a time Liza was running and jumping and suddenly she jumped and broke a pot with a flower .We pannnished her but she didn't mind.She was Just running and jumping everywhere.But when we were celebrating her 7th Happy Birthday she was just liyng on the bed and sleeping. Now she is 8th but she still sometimes brake my mothers pots with flowers.She broked a lot of pots in her life But we still love her,because it is very funny ,lively "pirot".