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school # 130, 10th grade

Something about school

At school a person spends 10 years of his life. What does he do there? At first a child becomes very shy, but some time passes and he realizes that school is a new small "world" where he can find new friends, meet interesting people, communicate a lot and what is more important - to learn many things about the world around. During the first days at school it is very important for a teacher to make kids love studying, to persuade them that learning process is not a boring duty but an exciting trip to the "country of knowledge". When kids grow up they subconsciously save that feeling and it will be easier to comprehend new and more serious material.
As for me I always liked to go to school. My favorite subjects were Maths, PE, English, Literature and History. But sometimes when any of them became more difficult I felt it less pleasant.
It always happens that as far as a subject is easy to perceive and to get good marks it becomes the favorite one, but when some difficulties appear a student pays less attention for doing it.
Now I'm in the last grade and my favorite subjects are quite the same as they were in lower grades. And I think that I have been really lucky with my teachers. They made the curriculum not like a dull lessons. Besides writing a lot we have an opportunity to express our own thoughts or opinions or to have a debate lesson.
And in spite of a lot of time that I spend on preparing my home tasks I still like to study and I'm going to continue my education.