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school 130, 10


Children are our future. So we should take care of them, think to improve kid's life and make it more interesting and more full.
As in many contries, in Novosibirsk there is juvenile delinguency. Among teenagers juvenile delinguency has increased. In our town there was an adoption of a law concerning alcohol and cigars. Law: Juvenile person couldn't buy alcohol and cigars, sellers have not rights to sell it.
Under alcohol influence a young organism sometimes can not control its actions. Crimes resulting are arson, robbery, blackmail etc.How can we decide this problem, if police cann't manage with it.
The most important reason is that parents don't care and control actions and interests of thier children. Parents form personality, develop child and give society's values and rules. For common development there are schools, Universities, different sport clubs and clubs of art.
Children when they are young don't know about this wounderful and exciting world so little, they try to realize themselves how it is possible.In poor family adults have not got a lot of time to bring up kids and don't control actions of kids, they are allowed to do what they want. In rich family parents forget about obligations and try to give enough money to kid's needs. They are not interested in their spirit and common development. So they decide all problems. There are wrong examples to bring up kids. If they took part more in kids development and had the first aim to grow up kids as intelligent person with different interests and hobbies, they would have less problems with them in future.
I think if we pay more attention to our kids, their development, we will have less crimes among teenagers and afterwards serious crimes. We will live among interesting people, in healthy society. Indeed more talents are opened. It's my dream to make our society better!