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Different ways of our weather.

I live in Sibirea,in Novosibirsk. We have very strange climate in our country. In summer we spend out free time on the sand under the hot sunshine, in winter we sitting at home, because the weather outside is too cold for walking. But in this year our winter weather is cordinaly changed. Our winter began too late and finished very early. Today is february month, but we have he spring weather, about 0C. Consequence of this situation in our country we have a lot of problems with our health. The weather outside, which we have today is the best for the spreading of infections.For example FLU! It is terrible infection, which siberian's people had in this year.
On the other hand we like such weather, because it very unusual and such temperature alloud us not only sitting on the sofa and watching TV, but we can to walk, to meet with our friends outside and not only in the warm apartment.If such weather was every year, we would forget about television and we would walk the whole days.