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Bembel Sasha
school 4

My school

Our school is the best school in the world, and I'd like to tell you about
it. School №4 was built in Novosibirsk in September of 1930. First
director of this school was Sorokin. But let's talk about traditions of our
The first tradition of our school, which you know since the first class, are very
good teachers; I think the teachers at our school always are very
experienced, because all teachers explain their lessons very good.
The second tradition is meeting final-year students on the second week of
Another tradition is duty (it means one's regular work but realy it's
regular work of class).At our school we begin being on duty from 8th class.
It's O.K., let's talk about pupil's interests, school's facilities and
Almost all pupils of our school don't like zero lessons but they like
Phisics and Chemistry lessons where teachers show different experiments.
At our school there are two gardens: summer garden and winter garden. Summer
garden is a very beautiful place with big quantity of flowers. Our pupils like
meeting there. Winter garden is situated on the second floor. It's a nice
place althought it isn't big.
On the third floor there is a library where you can take books to read.
On the whole, I think, to study at our school is a very big success.
Authors: Kirillov Vladimir and his best friend Bembel Aleksander, pupils of
8th D class, school №4, Novosibirsk, Russia.