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Ilia Semenov
School 130 10H

Our school

I study in school 130. It's specialized English School. It was founded nearly 40 years ago, so traditions are really great.
There are families where every member have studied in our school. Many parents want their children to study in our school.
People think, it's very prestige. Teachers have good qualifications and programmes. Many of them have degrees. There are
students who have won in district and city olympiads (competitions in diffent school subject, such as maths, literature,
english and others). With great respect we remember names of students, who took part and won in country and world olympiads.
We have the honour that they studied in our school.
We have an Internet class, which was presented by George Soros. Students have an opportunity to take part in international
programmes and projects. Our graduating students enter university and institutes without difficulty.