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My life in Novosibirsk

Our family moved to Novosibirsk in 1988. At first we lived in another part of the city and in 1989 we moved to this place where we live now. At that time I was 3. When I was 6 I came to school. I was an exellent student in school. My favourite subjects were Russian and Maths. I can say that the most favourite subject was Draw. I began to draw when i was 4 and it was a car so I like to draw cars till now.
Also I have been training in a hockey team and I got a third prize in a city championship.
When I was 6 I started to play the piano and I finished my study in musical school 3 years ago.
And now I want to say some words about my family. In my family there are mother, father and my sister. My sister is 18, she finished school and she studies in the university.

If I finish school well and enter the university I hope I will become a good specialist.