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School 249, Baku

May 28

School 249 class 10e Ibrahimova Niga apc.iearn.history:57r

May 28

May 28 is the holiday of Azerbaijan people.On this day
democracy won in Azerbaijan.Azerbaijan is a free country now.

On may 28 there is a big demonstration in Baku. People
come to the main square Azadlik. This square is near the
sea.The square looks nice on the day.You can see many
national flags and flowers in this square.You can read these sent
ences every where: "Long live peace" , " Long live Azerbaijan
!..,"Long live freedom !"
On may 28 engineers, doctors , teachers, oil workers,
schoolchildren come to the square to see the demonstration.
They are gay.Many foreign guests come to this square too.
They want to see how we celebrate this holiday.In newspapers
we'l l read about our famous people. In the leading article we'll
read about M.A.Rasulzada.In 1918 he clebrated may 28 for the
first time in our country.He was a good leader.He wished to see
Azerbaijan free.He wished to have democracy in Azerbaijan.
M.A.Rasulz ada was born in Azerbaijan. He died in Turkey.
Our people love him much.
After demonstration our people will go to "Shahidlar
kheyabani". They will put flowers there. Those young men died
for freedom and democracy in Azerbaijan.