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School 65 10 grade

Our Country

65Eminova Sabina 10r.
19.02.2 apc.iearn.history:56002.


Our country Azerbaijan is an old, rich and beautiful country. It
borders on Turkey and Iran in the South , Georgia in the West
and Armenia in the North-Wes th. On the East Azerbaijan is
bounded by the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is a large country.
About thirty million people live in Azerbaijan. Az a result of
wars between Russia and Iran , Azerbaijan was divided into
parts according to the Turkmanchay Treaty in 1828-South
Azerbaijan and North Azerbaijan. In some books the parts of
Azerbaijan are called Russia Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan.
North Azerbaijan has become an independent country now. It is
now called the Azerbaijan Republic. It has its own tricol our flag
and national emblem, state anthem, money and army. The
capital of the Azerbaijan Republic is the city of Baku, one of the
old , large and beautiful cities of the world. The Azerbaijan
republic is a multinational state. More than seven million peo ple
of different nationalities like in the Azerbaijan Republic. Most of
them are the Azerbaijani Turks, the Russians , Zews, Lezghines
and other nations live in the Azerbaijan republic, too. All of them
enjoy equal rights to develop their national langua ge, culture and
Azerbaijan has ancient and rich culture. The mauseliums ,
towers and palaces axistingin different places existing in
different places in Azerbaijan speak of its people's rich and
ancient culture.
We have a rich and beautiful country and are very proud of our
country Azerbaijan.

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