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Achool 249, Baku


Scholl 249, class 9i Lazgiyeva apc.iearn.history:54 Sevda
21. 02. 02.

Holidays in Azerbaijan
There are many holidays in Azerbaijan. The international and
the most famous one is Novruz holiday. I think that all in
Azerbaijan love this holiday. Especially, young boys and girls.
Most of all boys. Because before Novruz holiday four weeks
every Tuesday- fire, water, air and place Tuesday they burn
fires in yards. They jump over fire. Then there are many games
that boys can play. I can name "Kosa- Kosa" and others. But
regretfully that I cant say how they play in this games. Women
before Novruz holiday clean rooms, cook many
sweets,cooookies and others. Young girls help their mothers.
Then when Novrus comes all nature awaks from winter sleping.
Tr ees, flovers, blossoms. Many birds fly from hot countries.
They sing their songs, build their nests among trees. I think that
this holiday is Azerbaijan but also in all muselman countries. I
like Novruz!