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School 249


Ibrahimov Nicat, school 249, class apc.iearn.history:538i1

I live in Baku in the capital of Azerb aijan.Baki is very
beatiful.Baki is also historical city. There are many historical
places in Baki.''Qiz qalasi'Shirvanshahlar sarayi ,Ichari shahar,
and others are among them. Many turists come to see and to
know more about this places.This places are v ery
interesting.Some of them, for example Qiz qalasi were built with
eggs and other things.
There are many rest centres in Baki now. "Baki entertaiment
centre'', club "1033'', "Cresent Beach Hotel'' are among
them.I thing that this rest centres are very modern.There are
many youngs entertain there.There are many parks and gardens
in Baki too. The national park
Called "Bulvar'' is the most famous.Many youngs lads children
and old ladyes and men come here. Young lads and children
come to entertain here. Old men come to breath in fresh air and
yo play chess and other games. Baki develops. So knowladge
tecnol oji in Baki develops too. Youngs are interesting learning
more about the world sviense. They want to learn many
languages. They are interesting learning