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school 42, Yerevan


Name:Aleksanian Gevorg
Age: 15
School: N42 after Shevtchenko
Location: Yerevan
Country: Armenia
Teacher: Arsoumanova Marieta
Theme: Local History

A Symphony in Stone

In Armenia are more then 4000 unique stone monuments on its
relatively small territory. The Gegard Monastery is, in fact, an
architectural complex created in the 12th-13th centuries. Gegard
is perhaps only medieval structure in Armenia which suffered no
damage at the hands of foreign invaders. The crosses, which
one encounters everywhere in Armenia, are as unlike one
another as the Armenian monasteries and churches. Zvartnots -
the Church of Vigilance - is probably the only one that has a
twin. It was built in the 7th century, and fell into ruins towards
the end of the 10th, and were discovered in 1903. Zvartnots
collapsed in the 10th century, and its twin - the Church of St.
Gregory - was born in the 11th century in Ani. In Echmiadzin
stands a very old Armenian cathedral, built in 303 A.D. Also in
Echmiadzin, you will find the churches of Ripsime, Gayaneh and
Shogakat. According to legend, they were built in
commemoration of these three virgin-martyrs who preached
Christianity in Armenia at the end of the 3rd century.There is a
stone which may be called the birth certificate of Yerevan. A
mere twenty years ago, a basalt stone was found on Arin-Berd,
a hill in the southeastern part of the modern city, bearing a
cuneiform Urartu inscription, made in 782 B.C. announcing that:
"By the majesty of God Khaldi, Argishti the son of Menua built
this mighty fortress and called the city Erebuni... ." This makes
Yerevan 2780 years old, and one of the oldest cities in the