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School 249, Baku


Mahmudova Haqiqat 9i school number249.

HOLIDAYS. Azerbaijan is our homeland. There are many
holidays in Azerbaijan.For example Teachers day, 8
March,-Women day,Rhamazan bhayrami,New Year and
others.One of the national holidays is Novruz .Novruz is a
great holiday in many Moslem countries.We usually celebrate
Novruz on the 21st of March,as the beginning of the New
Year.With the coming of Nov ruz the sun begins to shine
brightly,theweather gets wamer and wamer,snows begins to
melt in the mountains and fields the earth awakens from her
winter sleep, and birds of passage return to our places and
violets begin to help through the ground in the g ardens forests
I must say that every family does his best to meet Novruz as
well as possible.Women prepare fasali, shakarbura,
paxhlava.We dew eggs indifferent
colours;red,blue,green,yellow.On the eve of Novruz people
clean flats,houses,gards.People put on a new clothes ,relatives
visit another.In the Novruz evening every family prepares
plov,decorafes khoncha, burns cundles.There is SAMANI on
the khoncha.SAMANI is the symbol of spring and
prosperity.People meet NOVRUZ with great pleasure.