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Pankova Lena
school 130 8th grade

My school

In our countrymany competitions in different subjects are held.They are cold Olympiads
They separate into several parts: schools' Olympiads, districts', cities', regional fnd big Olympiad with the best students from the best schools of Russia (National).
School Olympiads are held in each school in each age group. A student who takes the first, second and the third places, goes to the district Olympiad, then such system is repeated.
Our school is important in all Novosibirsk, because pupils from our school take the 1, 2, 3 places in city (or regional) Olympiads. So, you can see the name of our school on many lists with the winners. It is so, because we have very good teachers, especially in Math (in Math class) and in English.