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Kulshibaev Karshiga
Kazahstan , Almaty ,Centre of Education, 10


The steppe loves legends. Everywhere the would tell true stories and tales about
the great Deceiver. And the more they would talk, the more there would be those
Willing to cheat or outisit him.One foolish bai was extremely envious of Aldar's
Fame.He was eager to meet Aldar and to compete with him in craft.For a long time
Did he hope to meet Aldar, but his wish would not come true.The bai at his heart out
and completely lost his peace of mind. One day ,umble to stand it any longer,
the bai set out on a journey. Asking people he met to show him the way, he at last
reached the out where Aldar-Kose lived. The bai met him on the shore of a lake,
where Aldar was sittihg quietly and fising.
- You must be that very famous Aldar-Kose ,am I right ?.- the bai asked with
A grin.
- Maybe I am, - Aldar answered.
- What does 'maybe' mean? - the bai said with indignation.
- If you are really Aldar -Kose then show me your craft and cheat me. I'll see what you are worth.
- First, I haven't stated that I am Aldar-Kose. I only said 'maybe'.And second , every crook has his own secret. My secret is in my modic wand. And to day Iwas unlucky to have left it at home.That's why I am unable to cheat you.
- Ha-Ha , that's it ! Now I see what you are worth. I had expecte as much.

- Could that fellow be so very cunning, I thought , to be able to cheat everybody so easily ? So ,it turns out you are nothing wihtout your magic wand! All right, go nome, take your wand ,and try to cheat me.Go ! Quick!
- I am sorry but I can't. I am busy now.Do you see that flock over there? Those are my sheep .I must shepherd them. Besides ,my leg aches.I can't drag myself home in order to cheat somebody.
Oh,what a wortless fellow you are! Don't you think up stupid exruses. If you are really Aldar then go and bring your magic wand.All right, I 'll shepherd your flock.And if you are tired and your leg aches then take my horse.Now go and come back quickly!.

The bai got down from his horse and gave the rein to Aldar.
Aldar-Kose stood upreluctantly and climbed the bai's horse with great difficulty.Having ridden off to the nearest hill, he began to sing loudly :
I'm a deceiver ,I'm Aldar,
Lord gave me this talent.
I have never been a bai,
And the flock is not mine.
I have no magic wand ,
All my secret is in my head.
Don't you put on airs,foolish bai,
You are no crook by any means.
And, having lashed the bai's fast horse, Aldar galloped away.