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Shogher Mouradyan
# 2, Yerevan


Name: Shogher Mouradyan
Age: 14
School: #2, after Kh. Abovyan
Location: Yerevan
Teacher: H. Haroutiunyan

If The Rocks could talk what would they tell us?

They would tell, that over six millenniums the Armenian people
has lived and created in this Rocky Mountains. Our ancestors
come from ancient times Armenian. Highland s by assimilations
of several tribes .The rocks would tell, that this people lives,
survives and will live and prove to the world that there is a
nation that has a great culture and very beautiful traditions.
They would tell about its hard and wonderful centuries about
great kingdoms.
They would not forget to remember the great king Tigran
The Great. During his reign Armenian had a big country, which
was prosperous and strong. Even they called the country
''From Sea To Sea Armenia''.
They would remind you about their sufferings and how they
could bare such a great people. How they could guard this
people's peaceful life. He Armenians living among rocks and
stones have got strength and patience. Due to these tra its they
could keep their spirit, reach the 21st century never being
assimilated. The rocks would tell that the Armenians have
always built and rebuilt their ruined home creating pearls in art,
which surprise the whole world by their high value.
The rocks would assure you that the way of Armenian people
is endless.