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Vasyliy koptyug@sch130.nsc.ruv
school 130 ,grade 8

our Phisical annd Mathematical class

I study in a Physical and Mathematical class. I chose this sort of class, because I like to solve some Mathematical and Physical problems. And because after this sort of class I can easily get into the Univercity.I think that all pupils who are studiyng with me were thinking like I did.
We have seven Mathematics a week, and a lot of tests. Alot of people think that it is very hard to study in this class. In some points it is so, but in some it isn't. For example, if you like Physics or Mathematics and study a lot, it will be easy for you to get good god marks and to study well. Also we have a special curses wich helps us to solve problems wich are given in the Univercity. And I think that the most unhappy days begin with the tests week.
If someone has got bad mark for the quarter he has to learn all the material of the quarter and tell it to the teacher on some day of the tests week. If he is lucky he can get five for the answer and it shows that he has corrected he's mark for the quarter in the good way. The tests day have also a good opinions. If you answered very bad you can leave your first mark and go home. Also if you were studying well you can stay home and wait for a Happy New Year while others are correcting theirs marks.
In general it is good to study in a Physical and Mathematical class, because it will make you cleaver and honest.