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Movsisyan Anahit iearn_quantum@yahoo. com
Yerevan, Quantum college. Age 15

The Temple of Hripsimeh

Movsisyan Anahit
School: Quantum college
Armenia Yerevan
Teacher: Yegoyants Gayaneh

Local History

The temple of Hripsimeh

My sister's name is Hripsimeh. Her name was given by
grandfather. It was the name of martyr-virgin in
Christian mythology. The churt in the city of
Echmiadzin was named by this of very name.
The legend goes that Hripsimeh and her friends escaped
the persecution of the Emperor Deoklitianos, left Rome
and took refuge in the gardens of Vagharshapat.
Learning about Hripsimeh's beauty king Trdat decided to
take her as a wife, but the virgin who was fateful to
her religion, turnet down the pagan king, ran away
from the palace and hid herself in a stony hill near
the road leading to Artashat. But soon the king's men
found Hripsimeh and her friends and tortured the former
to death by burning her with candle fire. Her friends
were also killed. Gregory the illuminator, the patron
of Christian religion, build tombs on their graves. It
was here that the timple of Hripsimeh, Gayaneh, and
Shoghakat were build interesting the martyrs names.
My sister is very proud of her name.