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The nature of Kazakhstan

Zailiyskiy Alatau
Kazakh Republic is well-know with it is mountains whieh are Eovered with snow in all seasons.
Zailiyskiy Alatau-is a majestic place of the huge mountain country Tyan-Shyan. It is full of cintrasts: the eternal snows on unapproachable rocks are replaced by the Apine meadows, deciduous and coniferous woods.
The steppe.
The steppe zone in Kazakhstan takes large terrain, it is from above 26% of the area of republic. In steppe is looping a lot of animal, adapted to life on the open steppe spaces.Basically it is the gnawers, but there is a wolf and fox. The antelone-Sayda lives in steppe. From auks the cranec, black larks, steppe eagle, Kites are looping droves. In steppes there are a lot of lakes, it us customary they superficial.
Main purpose of reservation-preservation of the nature, vegetative and fauna.
For such large country, as it is not enough of Kazakhstan, of reservations.
For today 6 reservations work. Let's stay on the description of one of them.