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Max Shubin and Dima Sergeev
Almaty, Kazakhstan, School 95, Grade 7 "ya"

Kazakhstan and its Economic Potential

Kazakhstan affords all opportunities of securing its effective development.
First, it affords immense resources of commercial minerals, vast farming areas, competent personnel and a remarkable industrial potential.
At the moment more than 2,700 enterprises put out industrial produse.They employ almost 812,000 people, i.e. nearly a third of all those engaged in material production.
Sure enough, non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy refers to industries of paramount significance.Owing to their high quality Kazakhstani copper,lead,zinc and cadmium enjoy high demand and are sufficiently compatible in world markets.
Kazakhstan is an important fuel and power engineering region.Development of power engineering within the next 5-10 years implies gaining an economically substantiated level of Kazakhstan's independence in terms of power provision and an advanced development of generating capacities of its own.
As to oil reserves Kazakhstan is far ahead of many an oil-producing country. At the moment the Republic avails of 172,oil - 42 condence - and 94 gas fi elds with explored and recoverable resources of oil and condence amounting to 2,8 bln.t. while those of gas make up 1,9 trl. cu m.
Stepping up development of oil - and gas pipeline systems to provide the Republics's refineries with Kazakhstani oil and the major industrial and administrative centers - with gas there has been launched construction of exporting oil pipelines which would enable exports of Kazakhstani oil to world markets.Consequently,it would result in boosting oil production from 20,000,000t. in 1995 to almost 40,000,000t. in 2000 and 120-170 m.t. in the year of 2014.