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school #95, 7ya Almaty, Kazakstan

Kazakh traditional dishes

The mode of life of people, traditional craft, interrelations, customs and traditions are, perhaps, well comprhended through traditional dishes.The methods of cooking, which the Kazakh people used were closely linked with the culture and mode of life.The table manners of nomads, filled with so many customs, rituals, special behaviour find its place in ourtime.The strict nomadic life laws have created moral and ethic norm. The whole clan and tribe shared the joys and sorrows of life. Any steppe inhabitant knew, that he was a welkome guest and had a right to his share.
The main traditional dish of Kazakhs is besbarmak. It's mostly served for the guests and eaten by hands.Besbarmak is usually cooked of fat mutton and parts of smoked horse meat and horse delicacies like kazy and shyzhyk. The meat is boiled and separately is boiled thin paste. Boiled parts of meat are put on the paste and spiced with a special flavoring called tuzdyk.