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school№130, 8-th grade

Local history of Novosibirsk (about climate)

We have very unusual climate in Novosibirsk.
It is situated in Siberia, but does not snow and rain the whole year here, that is a very surprising thing for tourists.
We have Winter and Summer, but Summer is a bit shorter than winter.
Winters in Novosibirsk are very long. Usually Winter begins in the end of October (but sometimes later) and finishes in the middle of March. it is very snowy, cold, windy, etc. We have very big snow-drifts here in Winter (that's why we can play with snow-balls and make snow-men, but we can do it only if the day is not too cold). Decenber and January are the coldest months in Novosibirsk. It can be about 40 degrees below zero in these months. February is the month of winds - people say, and it is true, I think. In March weather becomes warmer.
Spring and Autumn are shorter than Winter and Summer. They are very wet seasons. In Spring the sun shines a lot, it is a very lively and cheereful season. But in Autumn it is rainy, but beautiful, because of red and yellow leaves, which are everywhere.
If the person does not live in Siberia, he (or she) usually thinks, that Summer here is cold, too. But it is not so. It is very shiny here in Summer. Clear sky. Warm weather. a lot of flowers..., etc.
July is the hottest month in Novosibirsk. It can be about 40 degrees above zero. But Lune and August are more cool months, I think it is easier and better to live here in these months, than in July.
Sometimes Summer is rainy, but it is a very rare thing.
Someone can think that it is too difficult to live here, but I think it is very interesting.