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Zharmenova Danel

Politik system of sovereign Kazakhstan.

The main law of the state - the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan which was adopted in 1995. According to the Constitution the Republic of Kazakhstan is a unitary state with a presidential form of government, which proclaims itself as a democratic, seculer, legal and social state. The President of the state is elected for a five-year tern by universal, equal and direct voting. The first president of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbaev was elected in 1991. In 1995 his term was extended by national referendum until the year 2000.
The highest representive body, that reforms legislative functions is the Parliament of the Republic. The Parliament consits of two chambers: the Senate is formed by 47 deputies (40 of which are two persons, elected from each region; 7 deputies are appointed by the President of the Republic). Mazhilis consits of 47 deputies, elected by one-mandate territorial districts. The period between Parliamentary elections is 4 years.

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