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Arian and Sasha
Almaty,Kazakstan,school 95,grade 5 "ya"

The Golden Horde- early period of Kazakstan

The Golden Horde.
In 1235 in the capital of the Mongols Empire-Karakoum,on a " kurultai" was agreed that the Mongols will set out a campaing in Europe.Batyi-the son of Dzhuchi was the one to
gyide it.The large army contaned representatives from different tribes.The large army crossed the border of the Russian land.A big territory was captured.On the west it reached the Dnester,on the east it went till Irtysh ,on the north it reached the Bulgarian Dynasty,and the south border of the state was the north Caucuse.But the name of the whole land was "Kok" Horde,or as they called it in west-the Golden Horde.
From the 1260-s the Golden horde was an indepndent hypocrisy.The capitol of the golden horde was Sarai,which was situated on the shores of Volga,and later it transferred to a place near the nowadays city Volgograd on the tributary of the Akhtuba river