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Donova Sveta ,Babanina Anya,Khassanova Riana
Kazakhstan, Almaty, school 95 , 7''ya'' form

Odyssey of the mind in Kazakhstan

"Odyssey of the mind"(OM) appeared in 1993 in Kazakhstan.First there were only two or three comands,but now there are more and more children who want to play this interesting game.If you don't know what is it we can tell you:
This game is popular all over the world.The problem of OM is to make a performence for a special topic.Comands create and rehersel it during the first part of the year.It is very hard, but very interesting.Then they show it to the jury.The winner takes part in the EUVROFESTIVAL.
We also take part in this game.Our comand is very old - we play in OM for 6 years,but we have never taken part in EUVROFESTIVAL,only in KAZAKHFESTIVAL.In this year we took 1 place. It was very great event for us!We were there for 5 days,but didn't know about our victory until the last day.
It was a shok for us.We can't imagion